Cross country is a competitive running team at LJHS with girls’ and boys’ teams competing at the JV & Varsity levels. Races are typically about 3 miles long, some shorter at the beginning of the season, increasing as the season progresses.

The cross country team trains six (6) days a week. You are required to be at every practice, on time and ready to run. You are also required to race, to the best of your ever-improving ability, each race in which you are entered. The coaching staff is committed to help you everyday; train and compete to the best of your ability.

LJXC Mission:

To build strong healthy runners who will enjoy running for many years to come.

To develop a team culture of hard work for long term pay off.

Build friendships; improve health, and overall well-being.

Teach athletes to take ownership of their running development by making them students of the sport, regardless of their talent level.

To become good supportive teammates, by cheering and encouraging each other in workouts and in races.

LJXC Goals:

To help every athlete achieve their personal running and racing goals.

To develop a state level competitive program for both the girls’ and boys’ teams.

 Team Requirements:

First, cross country is a Monday thru Saturday sport. Please take this into consideration before committing to the team. If you are in another sport outside of LJHS, contact the head coach with your schedule and we’ll determine if it makes sense for you to try to do both.


Again, we practice every day, Monday thru Saturday, rain or shine.

You will be allowed up to 4 unexcused absences, if needed. After the 4th absence we will meet with you to determine if it makes sense for you to continue with the cross country season.

Unexcused absences include: Doctor & dentist appointments, driving lessons, college entrance exam prep classes, college visits, other school activities (band, speech/debate, theater, etc) … I think you get the idea.  These need to be scheduled outside of practice and race times.

      **You must notify one of the coaches- 24 hours prior - of an upcoming absence**

In order to do well in this sport, you need to be consistent. Each workout builds on the previous days’ work. If you need to miss more than 4 days, you may want to reconsider cross country for this season. SEE PRACTICES below: You will have 2 afternoons a week to schedule appointments, etc – please use these days for your outside conflicts.

Excused absences: Sick and home from school. Injured. If you are injured, you need to check in with a coach daily, and then you will be sent to the athletic trainer.

Clearance:  You must be cleared through La Jolla High School for athletics before coming out to run with the team. The information is posted on the school’s athletic site.


  • Morning Practice: There are three (3) morning practices each week; Monday & Wednesday at 6:25am sharp and Saturdays at 8:00am. Weekday practices will end by 8:10am in order for the students to get to class by 8:35am. Showers are available.

  • Afternoon Practice: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday starting at 3:35 sharp! We will finish by 5:30pm.



A varsity cross country team is made up of 7 athletes. Of those 7, only the top 5 score. Your score is your place in the race, for example if you come in first you get 1 point. Like golf, the lowest scoring team wins. The 6th & 7th runners are there to displace runners from the other teams. A perfect score in cross country is 15 points. Normally, only your top 7 runners race in the varsity race, but some competitions allow for more.

Mostly, varsity athletes are determined by ability. The fastest 7-10 athletes are usually part of the varsity training group. However, the coaching staff also takes into consideration attendance and attitude. To represent LJHS as a varsity athlete, you must adhere to all of the requirements of LJHS and of LJXC.

Junior Varsity:

The JV races score the same as the varsity race. The races are much larger because everyone is allowed to compete. This is what’s great about cross country, everyone gets to race!

League Meets:

We currently compete in the San Diego City Conference – Western League. We have 4 league races and a championship meet in November. All athletes in good standing will compete in the league championship meet. This will be the last race of the season for the JV.


These races are on weekends throughout San Diego and California. Some are varsity only; others are open to the entire team. These are great opportunities for the athletes to gain race experience on various courses. They also get an opportunity to race against athletes from areas outside of the San Diego City Leagues. We pay for invitationals, so it is important to let the coaches know if you have a conflict with one of these meets.

CIF San Diego-Championships & CIF CA State Championships:

These events are varsity only. Normally, we will have up to the top 10 stay out and train for these meets. Placement in the San Diego CIF championship determines whether the team or individuals qualify on to the State XC meet.

The CIF State Cross Country Championship Race is always on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend in Clovis, CA.

XCStats: This is a program we use to manage the team. All athletes must be enrolled. You can register at, the registration information is attached.

  • ATHLETES: Please go on your account and activate texting, this will allow me to send a group text if we have a last-minute change, for example dismissal for a meet. Also, verify that you have at least one parent(s) email address associated with your account.

  • PARENTS: You can sign up as well and have your own account, you cannot share an account with your athlete.  The program tracks their race results, so they need to have a unique account.

Team Dinners:  We like to have 3 team pasta dinners each season.  It’s an opportunity to have the athletes enjoy a meal together and relax. We hold them at one of the team members’ homes within running distance of the school. Parents supply pasta, salad, garlic bread, dessert and water/drinks. The dinners will start at about 5:30 and finish by 6:30 – they eat fast! If you can help out with organization, location and/or food please email me at This is one of the athletes favorite events during the season!

Saturday Runs: There are team runs on the schedule for most Saturdays during the season. We will meet at the De Anza Cove parking at 8:00 AM. Some Saturdays we have “Pancake Runs” and we’ll start in other locations and end at one of the coaches homes for pancakes!

Equipment: Every runner should start the season with a new pair of running (training) shoes. If you started training the beginning of the summer, you may need a new pair by league championships. If you started running at the end of the summer, with new shoes, you should be good through the season. Everyone will need a new pair for the spring track season. Shoes do not need to be expensive, but they do need to be a good quality high mileage shoe. There are several shoe stores in the area, Milestone in PB and Just Run in Bird Rock who will give discounts to La Jolla runners. Roadrunner Sports will give discounts to high school runners.

Nutrition: The athletes are going to be very sore, tired and hungry during the season, especially the first few weeks. Your calorie intake should be high and include a lot of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and water. You need to get in protein and carbohydrates 5 times a day in the form of meals and snacks. Hydration with water and a little added Gatorade in it is a great option. Gatorade alone has way too much sugar and can end up making you feel sluggish. We’ll be talking more about this during practice and at the parent meeting.

PARENT MTG: The parent meeting will be held on September 3, 2019 at 5:30 PM in the LJHS library.


High school sports in SDUSD are not pay to play, while the district provides some of the funds required to run the team, it doesn’t cover everything. Therefore, we need to do some fundraising from our community to support the needs of our program.

While cross country is a fairly inexpensive sport, we do have some needs that extend beyond the funds supplied by the district. Below is what we will be using our funds for this season.

 Upgrade of uniforms and sweats for both the varsity and JV athletes.

Team T-shirt

Strength & agility training equipment

End of the season banquet & awards

 How you can help:

Volunteer to help out at the END of the Summer Run – the event donates $10/per volunteer to our team

Fully participate in the LJXC Jog-A-Thon – reach out to relatives, friends neighbors and local businesses. Many are LJHS alum and would love to help out.

Donate to the La Jolla High Foundation – please specify Cross Country