Summer Training & Tryouts

 This summer you will be running for time/duration instead of distance/miles. Read the descriptions below to determine which group suits you best. Ask any of the cross country coaches if you are not sure which training group you should follow. If you are getting back to running later in the summer, start with the week 1 mileage especially if you haven’t run a step all summer.

Group 1: New to cross country & Freshmen

Group 2: Experienced & Frosh/Soph JV cross country runners

Group 3: Returning Varsity & Junior/Senior JV cross country runners

Summer Training Schedule

* All runs are in minutes.

* All runs are in minutes.


Tryouts allow the coaches to make sure the athletes who are coming out for cross country are ready to handle the training and racing during the cross country season. Our goal is to make sure the athletes will have a healthy and satisfying season, where they are able to compete to the best of their ability while remaining injury free. Once we are back at school, you will be training everyday - Monday thru Saturday- and racing every week. This can take a toll if you have not done any of the summer training. The tryout schedule is divided by age group and gender. If you have done the summer training the tryout will not be a problem.

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